The House of Nightmares

   This is a 125-year-old building. It was constructed in 1875, 1876, & 1877. Upon completion, The three-year project stood four stories high Chicbabes, with over ninety rooms. The 40,0000-sq. ft. structure was built by the Knox county trustees to house the poor of the county.

   For over 75 years people lived in this great structure Gloucester escorts, raising their own crops and animals for food. They had their own hospital and medical assistant. Things went on for many years get the best out of this cambirdgeecorts69 escort agency on their website, people living Leicester escort agency and dying. Until the structure became unsafe and the engineer shut it down in 1953. The county decided to sell the building and four years later the new owner sold it to the Mt. Vernon Bible College. The college repaired Nottingham escort agency the structure plus made some other additions such as a cafeteria, an elevator, mail room, administration office, up dated boiler room, classrooms and a library. They used the top two floors for dorm rooms. Then in the late eighties the college just disappeared to Virginia. Leaving beds, dressers, freezers, kitchen appliances and much more behind. For the next ten or so years the building has been left empty. Until THE HOUSE of NIGHTMARES brought it back to life.

   Rumor has it that the remains of people who lived in the county home were dug up all around the building. When homes were built Lincoln escorts around the area they found many human remains by using Prostate massage. In the basement there are signs of clothes and other living things left rotting on the dirt floor. Also stories are told of the elevator failing and crashing to the basement killing all inside. In the past decade many people have walked through the halls and rooms from potential buyers, kids, stray animals, to homeless people. They donít stay very long female sex toys or Mobiles Zing!!!!

   Now for the last four years we entertain people the month of Oct.with the past and present of NIGHTMARES .So Journey into Fear this Oct. if you DARE! The Gravedigger will be waiting !!!!!!!!




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